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The Spacerobot Crew gave me some scratch art paper for a late Christmas present. We have been playing.

These are designs from Karn. The first one is rsakk, probably from the Vahtani house.

Silver scratch art of a symbolic tribal landscape with two rsakk lizards starting a fire with their breath, which reaches up into the sky with wings and plants growing and eyes in the clouds and the sun.

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And she turns to me with her hand extended, her palm is split with a flower, with a flame...
(Suzanne Vega)

She is a rsakk high Grehti and therefore a master of both the delicate and that which consumes.

The strands of shells are a superstition older than most people can remember; it's believed that sleeping under them will protect a priest from evil spirits.

It is actually true. A toren could not shift back out of their insubstantial form within striking range without ending up with strings and shells embedded in their body.

Link to a traditional interpretation of the high priestess card.

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He's taken the things I've been theorizing but thought I was alone and haven't been able to talk about, and he's put brilliant words to them. This is it!

Marc MacYoung, "Conflict: the 21st Century Taboo":
Current dogma is that conflict is bad. Physical violence is viewed as evil, abhorrent, traumatic, out of control and something that must socially engineered out of existence by policies, laws and legal retribution.

And yes we intentionally used the word 'dogma.' Much of what are being promoted as unquestionable 'truths' on these subjects are not only unproven, but in many instances demonstrably false (e.g. "Violence never solved anything"). Offering a different point of view is risky. Daring to question the veracity of popular 'truths' about violence is often an invitation to a tirade worthy of a religious fanatic.

At Conflict Communications we contend popular denial, condemnation and ignorance don't protect people from the trauma of conflict and violence. They instead leave people vulnerable and more traumatized. Simply stated, teaching abstinence does not instill coping skills regarding a normal human behavior.

(the rest of the article)

Just had to share that with somebody, while I'm sitting here all elated that anti-violence neurosis really, truly, is wrong. And there's a logical case for it.
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Rsakk sketch, Photoshop and Wacom, October 09

(click to enlarge)

Sorry, Jim, it's not me yet. But it is a rsakk, best as I can visualize the anatomy anyway. Still haven't figured out how to get a sketchbook across the fourth wall.

You know this guy's happy about something 'cause his crest is down. The green-grey scales mean he's probably Decani. They're the renegades and general malcontents in Tuklos (the capital city).
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