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This is Marai Canny, the chief of the Canny farmstead in Dekan.

Oil on masonite, 18"x24"

I started the painting last spring but it took me this long to figure out what wasn't right about it and get it fixed. It's thanks to [ profile] shashigai mostly and his story in [ profile] yumeza here.

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pyraxis: j-t as Sen from Spirited Away (j-t)
Icicle centuries burst into gentle breeze
Somewhere a curse had been lifted
She turned around in her chair and he touched her hair
And the universe shifted

Olivia, won't you let your heart come home
Olivia, leave those wild young boys alone....

(Edie Brickell, "Olivia")

This is for Marai. The song that Bonnus Canny sings her on the storm wind. PK wanted to do the translation to rsakki and then back to english but she could not.

Wolf has been telling me Marai's stories. I knew she was Grehti, knew she'd been born in Dekan and they pulled her to Karn like they always do when someone comes along who has enough of the diluted bloodline to still shift. I know she had a twin sister, and her sister is gone. Like the gone she calls Marai always, and that is why Marai went back to Dekan after three years and can not step foot back on Karn.

I didn't know that Bonnus was her brother but not by blood. Wolf's story (friendslocked but if you want on it just ask)

There is so much more that I would tell, about the rsakki dancers at Ak-shamalim where Marai lived for those three years, how they moved like ballet or more like ice skating, gliding and arching their arms, darting because even in nok, rsakk are swift and sudden, they run and freeze like lizards. About the lyrical rhythms in the song, and the drums, and how it makes Marai heartsick for that place.
pyraxis: j-t as Sen from Spirited Away (j-t)
Working on a new oil painting. Playing with the idea of combining power and comfort.

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