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Fiona and Sha, Photoshop and Wacom, 8"x12", September 09

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Dunno what to say. It's me and Sha, sometime near the end of Water Song, I guess.

...I look a lot older than I thought I did. I'm only seventeen summers.


Jun. 21st, 2009 07:01 pm
pyraxis: Fiona and Sha (Fiona)
Fiona and the Speritu, acrylic on canvas board, 18"x14", March 09

A scene from the evil chapter 12. Which nobody, including me, can figure out how the hell to get onto paper. Cut the artist some slack, that's not what I look like, but somebody can't paint faces.
pyraxis: Fiona and Sha (Fiona)
The Demon of Eilieah, acrylic on canvas, 16"x12", Dec 08
(Stop. No fly,) Ua'sha repeated.

Shawmus landed on top of a nearby boulder, his massive wings folding around him.

(No hurt Fiona/Mother,) UaSha sent.

Fiona, sprawled amongst the rocks, tried to scramble to her feet, but her shaking arms slipped from underneath her. The little boy threw himself over her, growling deep in his throat. In another time and place she would have been shocked to hear that noise coming from a four year old child.

(Ua'sha - run - get away!) Fiona sent.

It wasn't a little boy then, but a wolf-cub, his paws braced awkwardly on the rock. A shadow fell over them both as Shawmus opened his beak to seize UaSha by the scruff.

Instead, a panicked streak of fur launched itself at him. His head arching back, Shawmus shrieked into the sky.

- The Water Song
pyraxis: Fiona and Sha (Fiona)
I guess I should tell people who I am. Jim Nightmare was wondering how come Gy and Sha and Daria and I all know each other. Here's why.

I'm Fiona. I'm a trader. I jump between worlds, and collect anything interesting that I can find, and then I go to another world and sell it. I've got this handy backpack here, which would be the size of a small room if you could crawl inside, but the hole's not big enough, so you just reach in and find what you want.

Anyway, I'd just landed in this place called Tapolith, and I needed a place to sleep, and one of the other merchants offered to let me sleep in his tent. That's Gy, or was Gy, but that's kind of a long story. Anyway, the next day, we were off getting a merchant's permit and come back to find a big crowd around the tent, and this scrappy little kid throwing Gy's meat pies around. It was a horrible mess. Nobody knew who the kid was or where he was from, except it turned out he was being chased, so I had to take care of him 'cause no one else would, and stop the guys who were after him from hurting him.

That's how I met Gy and adopted Sha and became his yaya. Daria's a different story - that's the girl in green over there. She came in later.

So here's a place, if you haven't already, come tell us who you are. I mean anyone. If you were already here, or if you just drifted in from some other world and haven't quite figured out where you are yet, or who are all these strange people in weird clothes talking as if they're all bosom friends. We're used to odd people appearing and disappearing here. Come say hiya.
pyraxis: Fiona and Sha (Fiona)
Apparently an "open mike" is when people take turns going to the front of a room and talking about themselves.

I found that out in a space called Hatrack. That's the other place that inspired this corner of the dreaming. It's for storytellers to come and talk about their stories. Just a few months ago, Earth time, they made a new space there, a place for the people in the stories to come and meet people from other stories. They're calling it an open mike. It's for everyone to get to know everyone else better.

I went there, 'cause I knew nobody from Karn or Ua would be able to find me there, and stood up and told them about me and the Grehti, and about Sha and UaLin.

And now I've made this little portal, they might figure out how to come here and find me, and go there, and hear all the heretic things I said. But you know what? I don't care anymore. Let them come here. This is the dreaming. I'll just jump up into the air and fly away, or go run up a tree and then make the trunk disappear so they can't climb up after me, or just open a door to nowhere and walk through it. Once you've made it to the dreaming once, you're free. Nobody from your world can ever get you again.

And meanwhile, I've got Sha to play with. I met another little boy at Hatrack, five and a half years old. His name was Caleb. Where are you, Sha? He says hi. But he can't come here, or maybe he doesn't want to, I'm not sure. Anyway, I thought the whole place was pretty awesome. We're not the only ones out there who go world-hopping.
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