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For Nano this year, I am going to be working with Studio Pyraxis to edit my part of the Water Song trilogy. This is the project we drafted and finished for Nano 2009, so we'll be breaking with protocol to revise it instead and get it to the point of being ready for publication.

We're looking for feedback....

The book, which doesn't yet have a title, is one side three sides of the coin octahedron in the story of my homeworld Ua. The water had already drained from the oceans when I was born, and all the magic in the world couldn't tell where it was going. All we had were fragments of a prophecy, our will for a better life, and all the ingenuity we could muster. It is the story of my people, some of whom disagreed with my extreme methods of conservation of natural resources. It is my story, and the stories of my anza Uz'qi and the rogue priest Ua'vic ([personal profile] shashigai/Javik). It's a story about ambition, desperation and the currency of power.

If all goes well, we'll be posting about 2300 words/day. You'd be welcome to read as much or as little as you like. Any response would be much appreciated, from rough first impressions, to detailed writing critique, to anything that will help keep our spirits up. (You may also be as insulting as you like; I don't stand on protocol when I can avoid it, and I've heard much worse in my twenty-odd years as Raba Ua.)

I'm opening up a friendslist. Please let me know if you would like in. :)

- Ua'lin, the fourth Raba Ua
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Book cover mockup with a stormy sky and a single winged silhouette flying out of the clouds
Shashigai - The Sky Alone My Partner

[personal profile] shashigai has been planning his NaNoWriMo project for this year. A griff story set on Karn. :D Yesterday he showed me a photo he took that's so perfect I wanted to grab it and make it into a mockup of the book cover. (There's also a version with his IRL name.)
I also designed a seal for the back of the book. )
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Word count: 51,230
Today's goal: 48,333

Made it!

NaNoWriMo 2009 winner graphic

The story's not quite finished. It'll probably be about 60,000 words altogether. But it is very close now!

And here is another excerpt, for your potential reading pleasure....

The last bow and greeting of the day was finished. Her caller Shindo had been dismissed a few minutes earlier. Qi swallowed a sip of water to ease a throat hoarse from singing and stepped aross the threshold of her private chambers. )
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Qi is actually the name of one of the two main people in my NaNo project. I shall hope I can get away with this excerpt just for fun.

Character study, Lin and Qi

(click to enlarge)

Acrylic on canvas paper, 9x12, Dec 2007

Word count: 19,415
Today's goal: 23,333

Title: none yet (The Other Side of Water?)
Community: [info]brigits_flame November week 2
Prompt: "key"
Rating: G
Word count: 400

A silhouette at her door interrupted Lin from her thoughts. She watched it from the corner of her eye for a full peg, her hands still working busily at her packing, before it spoke.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking matters into my own hands,” Lin said.

Qi stood motionless at the edge of the bustle, observing. Hot sunlight from the high arched windows hazed through motes of dust, making it hard to see clearly into the shadows. Lin moved deftly nonetheless, not needing to stop to read inscription markings.

'Lin,' Qi said, 'I am coming with you.' )
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Word count: 14,231
Today's goal: 20,000

Is it possible to have a purely intellectual flashback?

We're writing the days when I was on Karn (talk about uza saturation. That world is a scary place) and sparring with cristal, and I am disoriented and detached as I was when I was actually living it.

Not good for the flow of good prose. But truly amazing to be able to put pen to paper and have words, even crappy ones, come out. So different from being too stalled out to even think about working. Or the horrible spiralling descents when we would step into the dreaming years ago and get tossed helplessly around the speritu world until it spat us back out into reality dazed and exhausted, without a word on paper of coherent story, and deadlines waiting. This time we may prove capable of simply plowing through.

LOL, they've started secretly calling this my 50,000 word scream. Melodramatic idiots. There won't be much scream behind it unless somebody can figure out how to get both emotion and communication systems online at the same time as me.

- Lin, Raba Ua
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