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Jul. 3rd, 2016 03:52 pm
pyraxis: j-t as Sen from Spirited Away (j-t)
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A young black boy struggling to hold aloft an overflowing ornate wood chest. Water is cascading out of the chest, leaving puddles in the sand at his feet. The boy is wearing a brightly coloured woven loincloth with geometric patterns. In the background is a mud brick building with a round roof and set of double doors.

Photoshop, Wacom and MotionComputing tablet

It's been a while. I'm kind of posting this blind, because I still don't have a good monitor or a high quality printer to properly correct the colours. But I don't want to stop painting, and it just takes too big a canvas with oil or acrylics to get the kind of detail I want.

Not to mention I don't have recent or good Photoshop brushes. That was the biggest critique I got, earlier this year, that my brush strokes were too obvious. The implication was they gave it a kind of crappy amateur look, though the woman who raised the point was far too polite to be that direct.

I don't know. I just want to paint. I don't want painting to be about chasing the latest technology.

Anyway, it's Sha, struggling to lift an overflowing kifu, in front of Masta Ua.

Date: 2016-07-03 09:27 pm (UTC)
spacerobotcrew: Drawing of Jim, he is smiling, he has black hair with darker blue and bleached streaks in it, and a necklace. (jim23)
From: [personal profile] spacerobotcrew
Wooooooooo it's cool to see drawing from you!!!!

Holy shit what is happening in that kifu though. XD

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