Aug. 12th, 2012 02:02 am
pyraxis: j-t as Sen from Spirited Away (j-t)
This is Yveth from the Water Song, the book project that [personal profile] shashigai and I are working on.

You wouldn't see her like this unless you were pretty deep in the speritu world. To normal people, there wouldn't be anything but a faint glowing silhouette. If that. Even a little light can drown it out. But shift into toren form... or if you are a sperith yourself... and the silhouette solidifies into an actual being.

This isn't literally what she looks like either. Speritu take on layers of illusion, and their forms shift and warp when they're seen from different angles, so you can never be quite sure what you're looking at. When I first saw her six years ago, I thought she was drow. That didn't make sense, because it wasn't D&D and the world didn't have drow. I kept trying to figure out what she was, and at one point tried to write her out of the story completely. It didn't work - the plot didn't make sense without a couple key things she did, and substituting in a different character didn't mesh properly either. So here she is again.

The drawing )
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