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A young man in a vest and red pants, with three gold discs around his waist, is perched on a platform that hangs by a rope. On the jungle floor below is another man belaying the other end of the rope, and a woman sitting on a mat and sorting fruit. On the hanging platform is a big basket of fruit, and the young man is reaching for a bunch of triangle-shaped fruits above him.

Photoshop and MotionComputing tablet

Thanks to Photography On The Run for the reference material.

At work there's a phrase that gets thrown around a lot: "low-hanging fruit". Go for the low-hanging fruit. It's usually spoken by management who want a quick return on investment for the time and people they allocate to a task. It's meant to keep people focused on efficiency, avoiding the threat of becoming caught up in myopic details. But what it really does is get all the easy problems fixed first, so that the big ones never get properly addressed. There's an endless stream of little things going wrong. It takes time and dedication to make the kind of changes that make a lasting difference, and so those changes are rarely allowed.

The Karnese Three of Coins is about teamwork. It's about how working together can allow you to take bigger risks than if you were on your own, and how it can give you the chance of bigger rewards. It's about how every person's job is important, not just the person doing the splashy dangerous work, but the one on the ground belaying, and the one carefully sorting and preparing the fruit. The tirothi agemates are collecting sarfruit, which can be risky but also a lot of fun, because it involves climbing trees and rigging platforms to reach the juiciest bunches. The delicious sweet fruit at the end is worth it.
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