Feb. 26th, 2012 05:08 pm
pyraxis: Daria-toren (Daria)
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Maybe you should make that into a post...

What, you mean how to witness?

Yes. It would be a very good lesson that i hope would go viral
It was one of the things that you did that left a very heavy impression on me
It told me that in there, in spite of anything else, was an extremely wise person, one with whom I should at all costs develop a relationship

How did it tell you that?

Because defining witnessing says that we can care and still have good boundaries. we can not know what to do and still respond, we can not know what to say, and still care.
It's an uplifting message without the saccharine. it's perfect for autistic people and something NTs should learn.
It would eliminate a lot of phony sympathy.

I've been trying to tell myself that even if people aren't responding to stuff I write, they're probably still reading it, and so I should feel seen, but I don't.
But just like one comment that said nothing except that they'd read it, in whatever words, would mean something.

And that is what you should say.

How do guys do it? Can you want witnessing and still be a guy?

Yes. They make noises. And mostly say things like, "shit, man." and, "Yup."

Yeah see that works too, that's good too. That's still response.
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