Apr. 7th, 2015 10:40 pm
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It's just a little one. I'm not keeping up with a drawing every day, but it's still more art than I was doing before. I think I'm going to be reclaiming life slowly, in and around all the remaining paperwork, and even the fun chores like installing shelves and organizing storage.

We're still unpacking boxes. I've built myself a desk now, of two masonite boards which I'd once meant to cut up and prime for paintings. They're braced across stacks of boxes. I could still use them for paintings in the distant future when I get a proper desk. There are a lot of things on the agenda first, like a mattress, and maybe a washer and dryer, because the laundromat is a pretty long walk away.

Meanwhile, have a few sketches.

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The Spacerobots are starting an art challenge to draw something every day in the month of April. I decided to give it a try too. I really need to venture outside of the frantic motion of our move north and ground myself again in what I love to do.

I've been drawing nethik in the few moments I could grab between chores. Experimenting with their physiology. I'm not really happy with the earlier experiments. I've been capturing too much of the reference and not enough of the essence of what makes them nethik. I put an earlier one under the cut at the bottom of the post if anyone's curious, but here's one so far that I like.

Have a drawing inspired by jumping through too many bureaucratic hoops in order to be here in our new home.

A pen and ink drawing of a deerlike creature with a horn, looking straight out at the audience, with half-lidded narrow eyes. One ear is raised and the other is askew, both ragged and notched.

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I've been working on this one for a while, but that's mainly because I started it before our move. Today I finally had the chance to put some finishing touches on it.

They are Auben and Amber, two of the people in the Water Song.

A young, well-built black man clasping in his arms a shorter blond woman with long braids pulled into a hairnet at the nape of her neck. She's wearing a simple vest over a light blouse and skirt billowing in the wind, and he's wearing a fine woven tunic with geometric tribal patterns and loose pants. Falling from her hand is a broken branch with an apple. Behind him is a desert with a dead tree and a small white-robed figure standing nearby. Behind her are lush tropical plants.

Photoshop and MotionComputing tablet

The Lovers is a card about pairs and duality. It's the sixth card of the Major Arcana. There's a sense of ambivalence about it - sometimes it features a man caught between two women instead of a man and a woman joined. The idea is that something else has to be given up, some sacrifice has to be made, in order to pursue the love that has come into the querent's life. Auben and Amber both turned away from major influences in their lives as they turned to each other. The card can mean falling in love with a person, but it can also mean coming to something which feels as if it completes you. It's a bond which is felt at a deeper level than the conscious mind.
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A view looking towards a tree trunk as if the viewer was perched on one of the branches, with wooden platforms built over the branches in a rough circle, and a set of wooden steps suspended by ropes and leading up around the trunk.

Copic multiliner pens on paper

Another treehouse drawing in the style of the one I did a little over a year ago. I actually started this last summer and worked on it a little bit at a time until I finally went back to it last week and got it finished.
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A pen and ink drawing of a fox, focused on the head and front paws as it snarls and pounces at the viewer.

Copic multiliner pens on paper

A drawing I did over the past few days. I'm not 100% sure it's a fox. It's from a reference photo I took of a taxidermy exhibit at the Burke Museum of Natural History in Seattle.
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Kerry and the [personal profile] plures system are currently taking design and art commissions to help pay for living expenses.

Commission post with work samples and turnaround time is here!

Banner: Art and Design Commissions
by members of Plures House ♦ as of 27th June 2014

We've worked with these guys and so have several people we know. They do quality stuff, and for a reasonable rate. If you have any graphic design needs, or you're looking for fun custom icons or css blog layouts, check out their work.
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I want to spread this long but incredibly important Tumblr post about the history of the autism and multiplicity communities everywhere I can.

We weren't a part of all of the groups and initiatives described there, but we know some of the people involved. Our place was on the forums, the rise and fall of various forums between 2004 and the present.

I want to talk about one thing. The importance of freedom of speech and an uncensored space in the development of a community. Everything Amorpha/S. says about the Dark Personalities mailing list has been mirrored in Daria's and my own experiences of the unmoderated autism forum we have been a part of. It is imperative to have a space for people who have been cast out of other communities for being too controversial, for saying critical things, for breaking social rules, for pissing off the wrong person. When there is social upheaval because huge new ideas have come to light, there is an urgent need for space where they can be spoken about freely, hashed out, argued about, screamed about. In the brouhaha over demanding trigger warnings that has even spread to mainstream media in the past year, I want people to understand why it is important to keep places where trigger warnings and other kinds of content policing are not required.

It's still difficult to write about this because I am an intensely private person and used to keeping up mental boundaries.

Thanks Kerry for the link on your journal. (This one.)
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I got to try this game at GDC. Habitat: An Orbital Strategy Game.

After Earth fell to some kind of global catastrophe, humanity is struggling to survive on floating habitats built from space debris in orbit. It's a building game where you have to collect and cobble together space junk, attach engines, and attempt to supply your people with enough oxygen, electricity and food to survive.

It's a really unique game mechanic. It has a realistic zero-g physics simulator, so navigating around is a slightly tortuous process of firing an engine on one side of your capsule, starting to spin, firing the engine on the other side to counterbalance the spin, and carefully, through short bursts of power, controlling your navigation. You have to turn around backwards and fire the rockets in the opposite direction to stop. I like the feel of it. It moves at a slow enough pace that me and my bad reflexes, which clasically fail at most RTS games, can actually get somewhere.

I like as well the idea of scavenging and constructing a proper colony from the bits of planes, satellites, and apparently part of the head of the Statue of Liberty that humanity has left behind. (How the Statue of Liberty ended up in orbit, I have no idea...) There can be combat between one group of survivors and another, but it's completely optional, and rather than guns, it mainly involves propelling bits of debris at the other guys and trying to break their structures apart. There's an air of fragility about the junk creations that feels like a refreshing change from games where you blast the crap out of anything that moves, taking utterly unrealistic amounts of damage without slowing down.

Anyway the point of all this is that they have a Kickstarter here. They're ten days in, looking for $50k to bring the game out by next Christmas. They're developing for Mac and Linux as well as PC. Please support them if you're so inclined. I think this game could be really awesome.
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I did this sketch at the park this afternoon. I love drawing trees.

A pen and ink sketch of a tall, gnarled treetrunk with a big hole partway up where a limb fell off long ago. In the background is a row of trees of all sizes, with the lowest fronds of their canopies just visible across the top of the picture. The smallest is a tiny sapling.

Sorry about the edges being cut off. My scanner isn't very good at handling things near the spine of a sketchbook.
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A young man in a vest and red pants, with three gold discs around his waist, is perched on a platform that hangs by a rope. On the jungle floor below is another man belaying the other end of the rope, and a woman sitting on a mat and sorting fruit. On the hanging platform is a big basket of fruit, and the young man is reaching for a bunch of triangle-shaped fruits above him.

Photoshop and MotionComputing tablet

Thanks to Photography On The Run for the reference material.

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Mar. 1st, 2014 11:06 pm
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The Day of Mourning was today for disabled people who were killed by the people who should have been caring for them.

The List is too long.

(Disturbing content, obviously, especially for people with caregivers.)

When a disabled person is killed like this, all too often there is an outpouring of sympathy for the killer. An assumption that the burden must have been too great, platitudes that the disabled person is in a better place now, the false judgment that their life was not worth living because of this or that arbitrary declaration of "quality of life".

Every one of these things forgets that the disabled person is a person, who deserves first and foremost the same mourning and the same justice as any other person.

Caretaker fatigue is real. But it is no excuse for murder. The tunnel-vision that people get when they are drained and exhausted, where they can't see alternate possibilities, must not end in destruction. The things that they tell themselves in order to get through the day, about their own necessity and how the disabled person could not continue to exist without them - they may be comforting in the moment but they lead to bad places when taken too far.

Parts of society are very rich, in money and in caring, in attention and communication and knowledge. Some of these resources need to be redirected so that those who are cared for do not end up in hidden vortexes where other people write them off as no longer fit to be alive.
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A smiling woman standing on a sunny plain with her two young children clinging to her skirt. She is carrying a baby in a sling of fine striped cloth and cradling his head as she nurses him. In the clear sky above are flying two birdlike creatures. A tree in the background has monkeylike creatures hanging from the branches, and a large lizard and a herd are also in the background.

This was a hard one.

I had to bring it together so it somehow represented both the essence of the Karnese Mother goddess, and the more ordinary scene of a nethik mother, whose people are the most pastoral of the four recognized shapes.

That's why you can see each of the four shapes in the background, even if there isn't space for much detail. The Mother protects and nurtures all shapes, and though the Grehti priests in their cosmology divide them into a hierarchy of greater and lesser shapes, those which take human form and those which don't, all of them live together in the Mother's cradle. She is the land and the magic and life force it contains.

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Anyway, some of the nethik are nomadic and others are farmers, and they've developed the most advanced farming techniques known on Karn. (Advanced being a relative term since the culture itself is neolithic.) They have a lot of skill with herbs both for medicine and for cloth dyes.
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A smiling man by a campfire animatedly tells a story to a small group of people around him. The young boy listens entranced, the teenage girl looks at him coyly and the old woman has a melancholy smile. Campfire smoke curls up through the storyteller's hands and into the evening sky. Rocks shelter the camping space and the view behind the man is out over a dry valley with scrub plants.

Photoshop and MotionComputing Tablet

The Shashigai are the storytellers of Karn )

When storytelling goes wrong )

The storyteller has the power to touch people's hearts, to capture them and hold them. The real test of his character comes with what he does with them afterwards.

Who do you allow to tell your story?
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Two young kids are playing in a plumeria tree, surrounded by leaves and blossoms. The boy is swinging upside down from a branch and the androgynous-looking girl is perched in a split in the trunk. The sky is warm burnished yellow and the shape of the sun is outlined in red ochre. In the distance, through the haze, is a forest or jungle on the side of a volcano.

Photoshop and MotionComputing Tablet

The Sun card is like the Garden of Eden in reverse: the innocence that lies at the end of the adventure. In the story of the Major Arcana, the Fool has come through his troubles and confusion and found his way into a flowering garden where he's invited by a little boy to come play. When he takes the boy's hand, he realizes that the boy is a part of his own nature, the part which isn't held back by adult burdens. It's about rebirth and freedom, joy and creativity, and it implies connectedness to the environment and all the things that are waiting there to be discovered.

The person who draws the Sun card might be ready to look at things in a new light. Carrying the wisdom of their latest journey, they can bring a fresh perspective to whatever they set out to do.
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The fine folk of the [personal profile] spacerobotcrew are holding the grand opening of their etsy store!

Spacerobot Studio business card image. - Celebrating Neurodiversity, Creativity and Alternative Communication. Status necklaces, Neurodiversity Pride jewelry, shrinky dinks, and more!

Celebrating Neurodiversity, Creativity and Alternative Communication. Status necklaces, Neurodiversity Pride jewelry, shrinky dinks, and more!

You can also follow them on Twitter under SpacerobotStudio.

Check it out. The Spacerobot Crew have been developing and testing some of this stuff for years as an alternative communication method for themselves: signal cards on a necklace to say whether they're up for being approached and talking, and how much energy they have for people-interaction.

For autistic people or others who have difficulty getting the message across through words or body language, these tools are really helpful. Thanks to the Spacerobots, they're cool to look at as well.

They've also been developing a line of steampunk-inspired jewelry and neurodiversity pride pendants.
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A dark-haired young woman in a green tunic and furs is on hands and knees in the dirt, surrounded by seven low wooden bowls filled with water. Moving clockwise from the one behind her, the bowls contain a bow and arrow, a rock, a red and yellow snake, a thorny rose, chunks of meat, a knife, and a speckled egg.

Photoshop and MotionComputing Tablet

I had to cheat a little bit on this one, because those are Earth symbols, not Karnese ones. I didn't want there to be too much of a cultural barrier to identifying with the imagery.

About the nethik )

The Seven of Cups is about what dreams may come.

The traditional Seven of Cups )
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A large gryphon-like creature with heavy folded wings perches on a rocky outcropping with its back turned. Its head is turned sideways and one baleful yellow eye is fixed on the viewer. Three swords are leaning against the rock nearby and a fourth lies on a fallen fur cloak on the ground. The dawn sun is rising over the mountains in the background.

Photoshop and MotionComputing Tablet

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