pyraxis: Lin (Lin)
Ua character sheet 01, ink on bristol board, 18"x14", August 09

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From left to right:

Ua'roké - Head of the Temple of the Elements. The Raba Ua'lin's closest personal advisor and martial arts trainer. A force for sanity and balance amidst the Raba's cruelty.

The Raba Ua'lin - Head of the house of Ua, the newest and most prosperous house in the nation. Lin took the sagama at thirteen, when her mother Mai disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

Anza Ua'qi - Ua'lin's right hand and sometimes partner. Qi was first in line to inherit rulership of the rival house of Uz, but she walked away against all good advice to join Lin in the house of Ua. She is as gentle and kind as Lin is ruthless, and many suspect she's been coerced against her will by the Raba to serve her. Her mother Uz'jef worries constantly but can not force her daughter to return home.

Ua'vic - Vic was adopted into the house of Ua by Mai when Lin was young in order to block her daughter's growing ambition. Vic was trained to become Raba, but only women are permitted by tradition to rule. Vic refused the magic that would have changed his body to a woman's. He became an ascetic priest and disappeared into the desert, returning only recently.

The Raba Uz'jef - Head of the house of Uz, Masta Ua's main rival. Mother of Qi. Her royal garden is the most beautiful in the nation.

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