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I've gotten behind in posting sketches. I've been doing character studies for the set of stories that Shashigai is working on. I just scanned a few pages of them last night. All of them except the last one are done direct from reference, from photos I found on the internet. Not exactly the characters themselves yet, but working out a sense of them.

A page of pen and ink drawings from different angles of a smiling middle-aged woman with a full head of fuzzy dreadlocks tied back with a cloth

A pen and ink drawing of an intense-looking elderly woman in a shawl and headdress, looking directly out at the viewer

A pen and ink drawing of a young toddler in a loincloth and necklaces, grinning curiously at the viewer

A pen and ink drawing of a young couple hugging each other in the grass, dressed in leather pants and nothing else. The man is heavyset and muscular, with tousled hair, lots of body hair and a goofy smile. The young woman has long black hair hanging loose over her shoulders, and she's hugging him from behind with her hands clasped over his chest, and looking at him mischievously.
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